It has been an amazing few days since registration opened for the 1st Annual Hay House World Summit! We have now reached 75,000 registrations with the numbers are ticking up minute-by-minute! Thank you!  We still have quite a few affiliates that haven’t sent yet and we’re confident that by next Monday we’ll double our numbers. On a very exciting side note: We have had people sign up for the Hay House World Summit from 187 different countries! We are only missing 7 to have every country in the world represented!

There are so many people around the world who would benefit from hearing all of the wisdom and advice that will be shared June 1-10 – our German and Spanish websites will launch on Monday, May 20th. The Spanish website will have 60 interviews translated into Spanish and the German website will have 70 interviews translated in German. I will send out an email to remind you that the sites are live and let you know of any additional promotional material available at the beginning of next week.

Please read below the leader board for some important information.

I bet you are all curious about the leader board for registrations? If you’ve checked you can watch the Top 10 move up and down the list. I think there’s some fierce competition going on!

Well here’s the Top 30:
1 – Wayne Dyer
2 – Nick Ortner
3 – Kris Carr
4 – Doreen Virtue
5 – Michael Bernard Beckwith
6 – Madisyn Taylor
7 – Suze Orman
8 – Bill Harris – Centerpointe
9 – Donna Gates
10 – Christiane Northrup
11 – davidji
12 – Gregg Braden
13 – Brian Weiss
14 – James Twyman
15 – Anita Moorjani
16 – Bruce Lipton
17 – Deborah King
18 – Deepak Chopra
19 – Dawson Church
20 – Karen Borga –
21 – David Hamilton
22 – Agape Media and Spiritual Center
23 – Eldon Taylor
24 – Peggy Rometo
25 – Danielle Mackinnon
26 – don Miguel Ruiz
27 – Jess Aiscough – The Wellness Warrior
28 – Mira Kelly
29 – Eleanore Duyndam –
30 – Amod Joshi –

Promotional Timeline News & General Website News
There has been some confusion on how and when interviews will air. There will be 10-12 audios available each day for people to listen to. Each day’s audios will become available at 11am EST/ 8am PST for 24 hours.  Attendees will be able to choose which audio’s to listen to as they don’t have their own individual start times. Be sure to check out the schedule here:

Please be sure to check out the upgrade options and amazing early-bird bonuses in the Hay House World Summit store:

Mark Your Calendars!
We will be releasing a very special video on the Hay House World Summit site on May 28th! It’ll be a great opportunity to give your audience the last push they need to register before the event. More details to come soon.

Don’t forget, on June 11th, we will be donating the first $100,000 in sales that day to the Hay Foundation. Louise Hay will join us for a live interview with Reid Tracy to speak about it that day as well. More details to come.

On June 14th, Reid Tracy will sit down with Wayne Dyer to wrap up the event during a live interview. More details to come.

Social Media News
A lot of you have been asking for a Facebook cover image to use. We have now posted one in our dropbox you can download. You can access it directly here:

And to access all of the Facebook images, go here:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel  free to reach out to me.

Thank you for all your wonderful work in helping us spread the word about this transformational event!
Wioleta and the whole Hay House Team